Are You Disconnected to Your Self-Worth?

Your sense of self-worth is the main contributing factor to your happiness and success in life, but it’s also quite fragile by nature.

Your self-worth informs your life goals, wants and needs, so when you disconnect from this, you lose clarity. You forget what used to make you happy, and instead feel lost; caught up in a busy world with no motivation or solid grounding.

It’s important to understand what causes this disconnect, so you can recognise when it happens and take positive steps to reinforce your self-worth. Here are 3 common reasons you might be feeling disconnected:

Here are 3 common reasons you might be feeling disconnected:

1. You work to please others more than yourself

It’s human nature to want to be accepted, and in seeking acceptance we often tailor to the wants and needs of those around us, while neglecting ourselves. Remember, you are only ever going to find true belonging when you prioritise yourself.

2. Conforming to society’s expectations

It’s so much easier to stay in the comfort zone of a corporate job or unfulfilling relationship, simply because that’s what the people around you, and society in general, expect. Change is scary – but it also helps you achieve your full potential.

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3. Listening to your negative inner voice

Have you ever put a dream or lifelong goal aside, simply because there’s a voice inside telling you “You’re not good enough” “It’s too hard” “It will be easier to stay where you are”?

This voice feeds your self-doubt and diminishes your self-worth. It’s important to learn how to trust your true inner voice [Link to blog post]; the one that expands your self-worth and leads you to new experiences.

Do you recognise some of these triggers within yourself? How do you reconnect with your self-worth? I’d love to connect with you to have a discussion and hear some of your thoughts on this topic.

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