How to Trust Your True Internal Voice

Throughout our lives there are two internal voices that guide our actions, and ultimately our emotions, our future and our self-worth.

The first voice relies on past experience to make decisions. It offers safety and comfort in the form of predictable outcomes, which at first glance doesn’t seem a bad thing, but in reality is shrinking our potential.

“You shouldn’t start your own business, it’s not worth the risk.”

“Being in this toxic relationship is better than being alone over the holidays.”

“You shouldn’t return to study, it will be easier to stay in your current job.”

This voice is the louder of the two. It feeds your self-doubt and diminishes your self-worth, and is sadly the easier of the two voices to listen to. Many people live their whole lives surrendering to this voice, never achieving their goals or living up to their full potential.

So what’s the alternative?

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Your true inner voice is the softer of the two. It relies not on outside influence, but on our own intuition to make decisions. This voice is harder to listen to at first for one simple reason; it’s hard to trust yourself in a world that encourages conformity.

We are so influenced by the outside world, that we choose to believe the smaller part of us rather than take a leap of faith.

“I should start my own business and go after the lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of.”

“I am strong enough to leave this relationship. I deserve better.”

“I am not going to spend my life in a corporate job that makes me unhappy.”

This voice doesn’t shrink you, it expands you, leading you to new experiences and a more fulfilling life. Remember, no one ever achieved anything great by conforming to the world around them.

Once you realise you don’t have to live your life listening to the egotistical voice that disconnects you from your true self, I promise you will unlock so much potential. 

You deserve to live a fulfilling, happy and extraordinary life – so I am encouraging you to take a leap of faith, trust your intuition and go after the life you always dreamed of.

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